Steps of Time


is full of reasons to close your mind, shut your eyes, tell your heart to shush, be smaller, feel less.

I’d like to create one magnificent reason to feel better, breathe more deeply; to see + experience the natural


that is all around us.
One that will make you want leap to your feet with a resounding "HAIL YES!"

I’m Karen Hutton and I’m a photographer/artist.

I’m on a mission to create photographic art that is like

oxygen for your walls.

So that you can look up. Breathe. Feel. Love.

I create images that enliven the senses, uplift the spirit and bring the transformational power of awe + nature indoors. They are known to inspire, transport and deepen one's sense of well-being.

Yes, I have partnered with amazing companies like Fujifilm,
created popular online courses, been translated into multiple languages,
spoken all over the country about photography, creativity and inspiration and lead incredible photography retreats in the U.S. and Europe.

But the biggest jolt in my Bulletproof coffee? When I manage to create something that inspires and motivates and reminds you that life is pure light -
and no one on earth can be who you are, in exactly the way you are.

Welcome to my world! I'm thrilled you're here.


View Landscapes and Travel images BY LOCATION, including popular areas like France, Truckee, Lake Tahoe, Slovenia…
or BY SUBJECT, such as Deserts, Mountains, Forests, Intimate Landscapes, Impressions and People galleries.

Search using keywords like “blue”, “long exposure”, “sunset”, “morning” or “boat”.

Explore: click on a gallery below. 

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The Brushstroke of Creation

I believe the Earth has a soul and I love to record those moments when it expresses itself in ways that move me.

My work is known for encompassing those moments when light impacts the living soul of my subject, whether in sweeping, epic scenes or in deliciously intimate settings.

Each are moments of divinity; witnessing them fills me with awe.
It is my deepest desire and life’s work to create art deeply embedded with the feeling of awe we experience in wild nature; for it is transformative.

I hope they connect with your heart as well.


A Lens to the World

"One’s destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things" -- Henry Miller

I spent my life yearning to travel. I wanted to meet people in different lands, embrace new cultures and ways of seeing. I wanted to capture the beauty of faraway dreams; the ones that began in childhood storybooks.
Photography gave me wings to fly; it opened doors to incredible worlds. Through my lens, the beauty I'd always dreamed of sprang to life in wondrous ways and gave me opportunities I barely dared believe were possible.

I'm thrilled to be able to share these visions with you!


Nature Sings

Nature has helped me understand everything better. Including myself.

I hear music when I'm in nature. Little songs, humming, I've even heard bells.
If I were to put pictures to the singing I hear, these images would be them.
They are the visual symphonies, tunes, fragments of harmonies I only hear in Nature.
But they're the ones I find myself humming long after I'm home.


The Beauty of Tones

As a photographer, I began in Black & White.
I loved the tones, shades, gradations. How each addition or omission of light carried weight and meaning. Negative space was mysterious and moody. Positive space was sheer brilliance.
Working in this medium made one thoughtful. Deliberate. Aware of nuance. As much as I love color; monochrome will always have my heart. It's home.

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