ITALY - Karen Hutton Photography
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The Courtyard of San Gimignano

August. A boiling hot day. Boiling. About a thousand degrees, I believe it was. 

The only time available to me was midday. Heinous shooting conditions. 

Tourists in their too-tight, too-short shorts EVERwhere! Ack.

And yet... the courtyard cleared at one point. Snippity-snap-snap!

It looked like a movie set. Yet hundreds of years ago, other sets of dirty little feet strolled, scampered, trod and ambulated through here. 

Imagine the sight of it. Imagine the sounds. Imagine the smell. 

Suffice it to say that I was grateful for this brief moment where I could actually peek through the veils of time without a gelato stand calling my name. 
Although, moments later I heard it again... "Karrennnnn... Kareennnnnn... you need a gelatoooooooo..." 


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