PARIS & FRANCE - Karen Hutton Photography
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The Indian Cafe

Whilst in Paris, we walked by this restaurant a couple of times. I'll admit it... I giggled each time. I mean really... I wanted to experience FRENCH food. Many croissants. Chocolate by the barrel. I don't like Texmex much at home... why would I travel halfway around the world for it?? The first part of our Parisienne adventure was swoonworthy, and did not include Parisienne TexMex.

Until chance, flight cancellations and a few more unexpected days in Paris brought us to its doorstep. Hungry. End of our rope. Ready to go Pariesienne tex-mex.
And it was... amazing. Simple food, beautifully prepared. Completely altered all preconceived opinions. We ended up LOVING the Indiana Cafe, oh yes we did!

Let that be a lesson to me!

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