PARIS & FRANCE - Karen Hutton Photography
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InSeine Sunset

My first time in France, first gaze upon the Seine river - and first full view of this gorgeous city so full of art, history and promise. It even had proper lighting, which I thought was very considerate. Just heavenly! So I made it look the way it felt.

I couldn't believe this sunset. People said it was unusual, but it was my first time in Paris, so how would I know? The thought did cross my mind; "Gee, it's just like the Glenshire Pond!". Then realized I'd probably committed some kind of mental crime de comparison.

The bridge is the Pont des Arts. It was a tit bit nippily in December when we were there. Snapping this shot in all my layers and full length down coat I could hardly imagine it - but during the summer it becomes a "studio en plein air" - a spot for painters, photographers, and other artists, and a picnic grounds for locals.

Hey - let's go there then! Wanna?

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