EARTH & SKY - Karen Hutton Photography

EARTH & SKY : Landscapes make my heart sing! Need a different size or fine art printing? Just contact me.

  • Frits Habermann

    on Jul 23

    Fantastic stuff!

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    Guido Frazzini

    on Oct 14

    Awesome pictures, delivering such strong feelings while they embrace you with the colors and greatness of the landscape. Terrific job and great inspiration.

  • Karen Hutton

    on Jan 16

    Thank you for all of your lovely messages everyone! You are most kind to take the time to say hello. :D

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    on Jan 15

    My Gosh! I have just spent the most enjoyable half hour with these gorgeous, deeeeelish images! What an amazing portfolio!

    These are the kind of photographs I wanna make. I want to be like Karen when I grow up...!

    Very well done!

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    on Jan 09

    I got here via the frozen waterfall on Google+, I was originally not impressed, the image there is too small to do it justice. Full screen size your images and site are brilliant, congratulations.

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    on Nov 20

    Fantastic pictures...

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    Dave Morrow

    on Oct 03

    Love this gallery! amazing work with lighting and mood;)

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