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I Need Glasses For the Grasses

I love this because it's just so simple.
And proves that you can find wondrousness to shoot in the unlikeliest of places without missing a beat if you're paying attention and carrying your camera around with you.

I shot this in a parking whilst out on errands in Reno last week. I used my f2.8 70-200 and let it do all the work. With this POV and its selective focus, all I had to do for post-processing was a little curves and sharpening - but not much - and a case could've been made for skipping that part altogether. The light, the lens and Ma Nature did the heavy lifting... all I had to do was press the shutter and giggle in delight.

OK, and notice the grasses in the first place.
It does help to pay attention.
Oh yeah, and never whine about how there's nothing to shoot close to home.

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