FLORAS & FAUNAS - Karen Hutton Photography
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A Very Berry Fairy Tale

In a very merry land not so far from here, lived a nice couple named Larry and Mary. They had 10 beautiful children; Jerry, Sherry, Barry, Peri & Keri (twins), Gary, Harry, Carrie, Terry and Frank.

Now, Larry and Mary owned a dairy. (of course).
When the household needed milk they had but to cry;
"Jerry, Barry and Harry... please run to the dairy! Just fetch now... and do not tarry!"
The boys would bound out the door, milk pails in hand - with rarely a query or fuss.

Now one day a fairy named Cherry did meet them, midway between house and the barn. She whispered;
"Be wary, young Jerry and Barry and Harry... watch your step and ferry with care.
They knew not to heed her, and never believed her... for Cherry was mischief dot com.

They filled up their buckets with nary a ruckus and set out to carry them home.
But Cherry the fairy had other ideas... she made Jerry trip and fall down.
Larry and Barry did parry the fairy and ran on without spilling a drop.

Sherry and Terry ran outside to greet them and laughed when they heard about Cherry. Larry and Mary both knew of the fairy; she came with the dairy they'd bought.

So they sat down to dinner... and it was a winner.
Topped off as it was with a pie made of berries
And milk from the dairy that made it past Cherry... that was poured for the family by Frank.

*inspired by actual berries.

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