FRANCE - Karen Hutton Photography
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Pavilion Sully, The Louvre

It's known as the "Clock Pavilion", for obvious reasons. And it was like a little time portal.

This wing of the Louvre Sully was built between 1624 and 1654 under King Louis XIV. However, the original fortress foundation - circa the late 12th century lies below. History lives here. It lives and breathes here. As I stood there imagining the likes of Napoleon, Catherine de Medici, Louis XIV, Henry IV and others gadding about in this place - designing, building, adding onto this place, all the while plotting, planning, loving, warring, doing all that stuff called life in their world... it felt like time was folding. Becoming now... and then... at once.

I kept feeling like I could almost see them... right there... out of the corner of my eye.

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