TRUCKEE AREA - Karen Hutton Photography
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Come On Up

"Come on up", he said, "It's warm inside".
"Hmmm," she thought doubtfully, unimpressed with the spartan entrance, despite her freezing feet. She was suspicious.

"Well," he said, reading her expression, "it's up to you... but warm food... a warm bed... a little lovin';  stay as long as you like. Whaddya think?"

He took a few steps, and slyly glanced back to see if she followed. 

She stood, watching. He looked away continued up the stairs, invitingly. She took a few hesitant steps.

He opened the door. Out wafted the what were undeniably most delicious cornucopia of smells she'd ever experienced. Her mouth watered. She may have even drooled a bit. 

He chuckled quietly as she followed at last, stepping carefully up the snow-covered stairs, then through the door and into what would turn out to be her lifelong home. She sniffed the delicious air once more, licked her chops and wagged her tail. 

He named her Angel. 
And she was his, as he was hers from that day forward.

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