LAKE TAHOE - Karen Hutton Photography
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Fannette Island

Oh, everybody and their neighbor's dog photographs Fannette Island on Lake Tahoe. But I figured, "Heck why not?".

This was a day I took a day to just get out and go see things I hadn't before and step awaaaayyy from the grind. And hiking down to to Vikingsholme on Emerald Bay was something I'd threatened to do for years.

Nevermind that it's closed for the season... the countryside is marvelous.

I decided to follow the premise that just because something's been shot a million times, doesn't mean you won't see it differently... and heck, the light is different every day.. not to mention they were doing controlled burns that day.

And who doesn't like choking on a little brush smoke when it makes your shot go all Lord of Rings?

Cue the smoke! And bring in that old guy riding bareback on the white horse while you're at it!