LAKE TAHOE - Karen Hutton Photography
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Take Me Over The Edge

When you shoot an iconic spot like Eagle Falls at Lake Tahoe, you just have to shut out all the noise.

And I don't mean all the water roaring by! I'm talkin' about all that yammering in your head that says "EVERYONE has shot this... most of them better than you... this is pointless... Oh, ok fine shoot it, but it's gonna be stupid."

She pauses.
Not that I've ever done that.

No, when you shoot an iconic spot like Eagle Falls, you just have to marvel at THAT little water droplet - that one right there that NO one has ever captured in EXACTLY the way you're about to - and isn't it gorrrrrrgeous? Snip-snap.

That's what have to you do.

©Karen Hutton - Creative Commons (CC BY-NC 3.0)