LAKE TAHOE - Karen Hutton Photography
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The Emerald Bridge

She had been gone a timefold. The journey home took longer this time than she ever remembered. It was harder than she expected. More heartbreaking, humbling, painful, healing, exhilarating, exhausting, rewarding, life-threatening, life-affirming and more utterly incredible than she ever dreamed possible.

And now... the Emerald Bridge. The last crossing. She could glimpse the peaceful, healing waters beckoning beyond the edge of the forest. Home.
In many ways, her deepest and truest work was about to begin. Home.
She took a moment to let the impact of her arrival settle. The eternity it took to get here slide from her shoulders like a battle-worn pack of lead. The relief of returning soothe every bit of her being.
Took a deep breath.
And stepped onto the bridge.

©Karen Hutton - Creative Commons (CC BY-NC 3.0)

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