LAKE TAHOE - Karen Hutton Photography
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Emerald Bay... or Lothlorian?

You decide.

Late one day on water's edge, with a lazy breath of mist wafting in the air... Emerald Bay in Lake Tahoe, CA shimmered and shifted (in my imagination, anyway) into a gateway to Elven lands.

I could almost see the elegant, curved bow of an elven boat carrying Galadriel and Celeborn to peek out from behind the jut of land before me as it headed for open water.

"Wait for me!" I'd call out. And I'd wave.
They would see me, wave back and smile... and gracefully steer the boat to the shore where I stood, the soundless gangplank extended in welcome.

As I'd step on board the magical vessel, I'd feel a shiver of delight, of adventure and of coming home.

It only happened in my mind.
Or did it?