MOUNTAINS - Karen Hutton Photography
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The Heavenly Light

Lake Wakatipu, New Zealand

I swear I see God and hear music within a heavenly light like this!

In this case, it was beaming through rain squalls on Lake Wakatipu, Queensland, New Zealand.

I love going out in stormy weather - at least the kind where breaks like this could occur. When they do, it's like a choir of angels sing!

Sometimes you have to wait. You learn to watch the sky, the position of the sun, the direction of the upper winds that blow the clouds one way or another... which is usually moving at a different rate of speed than the breezes on the ground. You have to use your spidey senses.

Of course, you need an amazing backdrop for the effect to really fly. It needs scope, size and distance for it to feel epic. That's where New Zealand shines.

I was with Trey Ratcliff, Curtis Simmons and Scott Kublin this day. It looked like it would be a grey, rainy, stormy one as we gazed out the window. So we did the only sensible thing: we jumped in the car and went looking for Magic.

You never know, just sitting at home, whether something amazing will happen. Sometimes you make the effort for naught. But sometimes you're rewarded with a gloriousness that reminds you why you came to this Earth.

I live for moments like this...

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