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A lifetime of chasing - and creating with - light began when I was 8 or 9. I had a vision about the transformational power of light, which ignited a sense of purpose that leads me to this day.
It made picking up an “artist’s paintbrush” which uses light and time as its medium almost pre-determined. I’ve had a camera in my hands my entire life.

I believe that art is love made visible.

I believe that Awe is a prime emotion given to us by the Creator for its power of transformation. And that the more we experience it, the happier + lighter we become.

I believe in discernment, truth, wisdom, strong artistic choices, love and the power of uplifting others.

For everything else... you can download my Bio, Artist Statement and Resume from the buttons above… and visit my Media page as well. It's been a rich and amazing life so far. Understatement!

I am Grateful beyond measure.

Photo credits: Piotr Skrzypiec, Patty Baird, Anton Lorimer, Catherine Just, Scott Jarvie, Tom Buergi, Joe Dolister. 

I am proud to be a
Professional Fujifilm X-Photographer

Oxygen For Your Walls

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