COLLABORATIONS: Ivor Andrew + Fujifilm


Ivor Andrews is is a full-service, integrated marketing communications agency.
They’re progressive, scrappy, innovative. It was a delight to work together with them on this project. It was for Fujiilm, which was awesome.

I partner as a Professional X-Photographer with their digital imaging division, which made the one double the fun!The Project: Fujifilm Graphic Systems is the packaging and printing division of the world-renowned company. The entire company “thinks different”; it’s one of the things I love about working with them.

The Print/Graphic division does eye-popping work all their own - and needed an identity all its own. So they called on Ivor Andrew to help them break free and develop some equally eye-popping marketing materials.
Ivor Andrews explained all of this to me when they tapped me to produce the imagery for the project.

They wanted to give Fujifilm Graphic Systems its own voice and message, plus a look that stood out from the competition. (Yes!) Yet they didn’t want to entirely lose the connection to their global parent company.

The goal: a high-end, professional look paired with a bold, confident voice that would position them as an industry front-runner they truly are. The new identity was launched at a huge trade show, where my work helped convey the message: “COLOR OUTSIDE THE LINES”. It helped give Fujifilm Graphics Division a strong and memorable presence of their own for the very first time.

That story was explained to me as: a siren song for the big thinkers, the experimenters and the rule breakers; a call to action to embrace the rule-breaking creativity that comes with owning and operating Fujifilm equipment.

The project was a success! And it was a joy to work with this innovative, outta the box team to make it all come to life.

Their summary: “Backed by that voice, stunning photography and complete ownership of green and black, Fujifilm sold every machine they showcased in their booth. And—arguably more importantly—the brand cemented itself in a positive way for the first time in a long time.”
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