Grand landscapes stir the soul. They’re uplifting, awe-inspiring, gasp-inducing. Intimate landscapes are quieter.

The way I see it, intimate landscapes  encompass those moments when light impacts the living soul of the earth and Mother Nature.

They reveal her DNA, her very makeup.

Each are moments of divinity; witnessing them fills me with awe.

They are a different kind of focus; experiencing them is kind of like a meditation.

It’s more about a single idea. distractions fade softly into the background.

With inquisitive eyes, we return over and again to the heart of the matter, like a meditation; discovering new layers each time. 

All images displayed in these galleries are available for purchase as prints.

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  • PHOTOGRAPHIC PAPER in 3 finishes: Lustre, Glossy, Metallic

    SIZES: 4"x6" to 30"x50"

    Framing and Finishing options available for most sizes.


    SIZES: 5"x5" to 24"x36"

  • METAL in 3 finishes: High Gloss, Mid Gloss, Satin

    SIZES: 4”x6"to 43”x96”


    SIZES: 4”x6"to 40”x60”


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