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    Products & Pricing

    All images shown in these galleries are available for purchase as prints. At this time, I do not offer digital downloads.

    Print Materials include Professional Photographic Paper, ThinWrap, Metal and Maple Wood.

    PRICING: $4-$2522 USD.
    SIZES: 4”x5”"to 43”x96”", depending upon the materials chosen.


    Let’s de-mystify!

    What follows is my little cheat sheet on print materials available through my online shop.
    All materials chosen are based upon the most popular (and loveliest 😉) choices for my work.
    Other materials and/or finishes are available on custom orders.

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    Kodak Professional Endura paper prints; available in Lustre, Glossy or Metallic.

    PRICING: $4-$195 USD
    SIZES: 4”x6” up to 40”x70”.

    Finishing extras available on most sizes (backing, frames, etc.).

    Printing on paper is super popular because it’s cost effective and more traditional in nature. It’s great for all image types in most spaces.

    Paper prints must be framed or backed before hanging - and you have options! You can choose one by selecting “Finishing Options” from the Shopping Cart (shown below), or you can simply order a paper print and have it framed locally.


    Printed on a heavier Kodak Supra Endura paper type. Offers vibrant colors with minimal glare/gloss. These have a semi-matte appearance. Tried and true and one of my personal favorites for it lush 'n lovely appearance.

    Glossy prints are popular for their rich tones and shiny surface finish. Their glossy finish makes everything seem brighter and really pop. Most people think they’re best in rooms where glare isn’t an issue.

    Offering a richer, distinct metallic look with high dynamic range, these prints have a glossy finish and an iridescent metallic appearance that creates images with exceptional visual interest and depth. Metallic paper prints are good in rooms with less natural light, typically hung in areas where high glare isn't an issue. Not as vibrant and lustrous as a true metal print, but a lovely and unique paper print treatment.

    TIP: Metallic Paper pairs superbly with images containg water elements or other reflective surface elements.


    Want a backing or a frame to set of your beautiful paper print of yours? We have a few!

    PICTURE FRAME: Shipped ready-to-hang with wire and hardware attached. All frames include clear, shatterproof acrylic glazing. (Like glass, only better!)

    BACK MOUNT: As an alternative to framing, try these contemporary alternatives to the traditional mat and frame. Some may require assembly before hanging.

    TEXTURES/COATINGS: Choose Lustre/Glossy/Metallic option by itself - or add dimension to your prints with these beautiful and subtle paper upgrades.


    Frames are available for most paper prints in standard + square sizes from 8x8 to 24x36.
    "Other" and "Panoramic" sizes do not offer framing through ordering online. Custom options are available; CONTACT ME for those!

    Here's what the online order process for Frames in Finishing Options looks like:

    1. Choose (Optional) Frame Mat:
    From inside the Shopping Cart, choose "Finishing Options" as shown here:

    Which will display these choices:

    Choosing “Picture Frame” as your Finishing Option brings up the "Frame Mat" selections.
    You can pick: None, Black, Off-White or White. It looks like this:

    2. Choose Frame Style:
    Next, select the style of frame you’d like: Flat Wood, Box Wood or Aluminum.

    3. Choose Frame Color:
    Select from 7 different frame colors:

    4. Textures/Coatings:
    If you’d like some texture or a coating of protection for your print, here’s where it happens.

    Textures are pressed into the print to add a classic fine-art look.
    Coatings protect the surface of your print. Select from the options given - or choose None.

    5. Review Your Frame:
    Finally, you’ll have a chance to review your selections, see the final price and continue on to checkout, where you can edit your crop, change Finishing Options, continue shopping or start over. Easy peasy and options galore!

    Need a different frame? See below**

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    Not a frame person but want a rigid backing? No problem! A back mount might be just the thing to float your boat.

    From inside the Shopping Cart, choose "Finishing Options" as shown here:

    Which will display these choices:

    Choose BACK MOUNT
    (NOTE: not all options are available in every size).

    Back mounts lend a clean, contemporary look to your wall displays to perfectly complement any image.

    Here’s the scoop on each:

    Standout Mounts are a feather-light, clean, contemporary option that puts the focus on your image without the need for a frame. Prints are mounted on a block with thick ¾” black edges, letting your print stand off the wall. Pre-drilled holes are included on the back for easy hanging.

    Choose from Lustre, Metallic or Glossy paper to mount to the lightweight foam. The sides are finished with a thick, lightweight black edge.

    This black 3/16’ foamboard backing adds durability and prevents warping and damage. It’s a lightweight alternative to framing! Each comes ready-to-hang with a 1/2" thick off-wall mount on the back.
    Your choice of metallic or lustre print, mounted on 3/16" rigid gatorboard.

    NOTE: Gatorfoam is slightly thicker and lighter in weight than the Styrene backing.

    Try this elegant, lightweight option to give your print incredible presence. They are designed to either display on an easel, be propped up on its own or neatly framed the traditional way. As such, they do not come with hanging hardware.

    The Bevel Mount edging creates a ¼ inch border around your photo when viewed from the front, which adds a sophisticated look to prints. (NOTE: the image itself will not have a border; it will bleed to the edge).

    With its a heavy weight board that is substantial enough to stand on its own; Bevel Mounts are an elegant alternative to traditional photo mounting.

    Available with Gold, Silver, or Black edges.

    This super-smooth, compact 2mm styrene board cleanly backs your print, providing durability and protection against dents, bangs and warping for prints of all sizes.

    Slightly thinner and heavier than Gatorfoam backing. Styrene Mounting does not include hanging hardware, but is suitable for framing.

    Available in two colors: Black or White.

    Matte is flat, so why not upgrade your paper? Choose from Pebble, Canvas or Linen surface textures to add subtle dimension to your finished print.

    Textures are pressed into the paper to add a classic fine-art look.
    Coatings will protect the surface of your print.

    Select from the options shown - or choose None.

    Review your choices:

    Finally, you’ll have a chance to review your selections, see the final price and continue on to checkout, where you can edit your crop, change Finishing Options, continue shopping or start over. Easy peasy and options galore!

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    Wall Art


    PRICING: $50-$2522 USD
    SIZES: 4"x 6" to 43" x 96"

    One of the most popular materials for my images. I love metal because metal is a uniquely durable print sporting vibrant colors, brilliant luminescent images, and exceptional detail. Dyes infused the image directly into the surface of specially coated aluminum sheets. Because of this, your images will take on an almost magical luminescence. The ultra-hard scratch-resistant surface is waterproof/weatherproof and can be cleaned easily with a soft cloth – just avoid direct sunlight.

    Metal prints arrive ready-to-hang with a float mount hanger and sawtooth hardware. Meaning, they "float" about 1/2" or so off the wall. They're simple to hang and look stunning.

    Larger metal prints (over 30"x45") come with an "inset frame" mounting for more stability:


    Brilliant white high gloss surface for unsurpassed detail and vibrance. The most popular surface. If glare is likely to be an issue, consider the Mid-Gloss and Satin options.

    Similar color intensity and detail as High Gloss option, with reduced glare.

    Smooth, very even and soft appearance with minimal glare.

    Metal shows through the image, giving our Sheer Surfaces a unique translucent luminescence.

    Same as sheer glossy, but with matte finish with minimal glare.

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    PRICING: $105-$390 USD
    SIZES: 5”x5” up to 24"x36”

    This treatment is unusual and lovely - it’s a stylish, frameless easy to display hanging art.

    To order, choose a paper print in your choice on Lustre Paper, Metallic Paper, or Canvas material, which is over-laminated with a soft Satin Laminate, wrapped around sturdy 3/16" Gatorboard and finished with a satin laminate for a soft, subtle glow. The final piece is about 1/2" thick.

    To create an even more striking effect, a Float Mounting Block is applied to the back of the ThinWrap, which allows the image to be hung and appear to float from the wall for a contemporary treatment. No frame needed!





    Thin Wrap Backing:

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    PRICING: $70-$1910 USD
    SIZES: 5”x5” up to 40"x60”

    A very cool new addition to the shop! Your image is printed on light, unfinished, certified sustainable maple wood with a border. It takes on some of the characteristics of the wood, since the grain and wood texture will show through the lighter areas of the print. The image will appear warmer as a result and is less detail-oriented than paper or metal.

    The results present a very warm and natural look and vibe; great for spaces with a rustic feel. These come ready-to-hang with a wood float mount, which allows the image to be hung and appear to float from the wall.

    Image shown without a border: online orders will have a 1" border.

    Backing for smaller Maple Wood prints:

    Backing for larger Maple Wood prints:

    ** Need different framing than offered here? A couple of options...

    The frames offered in my shop are lovely, but I get it: sometimes ya just want to have it done locally. That’s cool - and is definitely smarter for internationally shipped prints. Framing locally can be more cost-effective too; you’ll have to compare and see.

Not seeing the options you want - or just want to get more creative?


I can help arrange high quality framing through the print lab I use for my online shop (they offer options not listed here!) … or we can work with one of my fabulous custom framers who produce gorgeous custom framing to fill just about any need.

(You can also reach me via the Contact form on this site.)

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