SAN FRANCISCO - Karen Hutton Photography
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All Roads Lead Upward

There's a cool mall in San Francisco, CA that bears exploration if you're ever there with a camera.

But watch out, because depending on where you go, you might just experience some puffy, self-important, be-speckled young man in some vaguely stated management role informing you that you're not allowed to shoot with a tripod on the premises because it's "private property." But don't worry... you'll stare at him as if he were a lower life form that just sprouted three heads, say nary a word and walk away giggling, since you already shot everything you needed for the past two hours (except a video of said Mr. Grumpy Pants to post on YouTube) and you're gonna post 'em all on G+.

TeeHee dot com.

©Karen Hutton - Creative Commons (CC BY-NC 3.0)

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