SAN FRANCISCO - Karen Hutton Photography
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Left and Right Brain, Connected Through Better Dining

I was waiting for a friend at the Farmer's Market in San Francisco a few weeks ago and I was early. With camera. Itching to shoot. So what better place to go than inside the Ferry Building for a few iconic shots inspired by +Thomas Hawk? He's posted some great shots from here. But what's so fun about G+, sharing and hitting the same spot that someone else shot is that yours will always beinspired by... never the same.

This always fascinates me. What makes us unique isn't just WHAT we shoot... it's what we SEE when we shoot. To me, that's what gives each of us our unique signature, our own voice. What you think or feel when you shoot determines the story you tell, reveals your particular and unique point of view, your very own window to YOUR world. And you get to take it further with however you choose to process your photo. By the time you're done... you have your very own slice 'o the world to share... that will always be just a little bit different than anyone else's, even if they were standing right there next to you, taking the 'same' shot.

I love that about us.

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