SAN FRANCISCO - Karen Hutton Photography
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The Light Inside Her

They were almost upon her. From above. From the heavens. But not of heaven. Glittering gold, but not precious. Vile. Seeking souls. Wanting hers.

It began then, way deep inside. She always knew it would, but it couldn't be tested. It was a power of need. Of time. Of now.

Inside she felt warmth. Then heat. There was a vibration... very fast... like a hum... not audible but she felt it. She gold ones closest to her winced. Like they could hear the hum. It hurt.

Suddenly her eyes glazed. She could feel but not see. She knew what to do. It was so simple. She hadn't realized that until now. Her lips parted as she raised her hands and simply... let it go. The light inside her burst into brilliance. Illuminating. Consuming. Cleansing. Absolutely. In that moment, as the vile ones screeched... tumbled... and vanished from the skies... she was home. Safe. Complete. In the Light.

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