I will create only that which I love, gives me goosebumps and possibly makes me weep with Awe or laugh out loud. Not necessarily in that order.

I will use words, but never to explain myself.

I will give the boot (and potentially the middle finger) to “Shoulds”, even though they can be loud. In fact, especially because they're loud.

I will always do my best to give voice to the highest, most Divine light of the Creator through my work.

I will BE. And strive to create images that help you do that too. I believe an photographer + artist’s highest calling is to create art that inspires and uplifts.

Life is meant to embellish and enrich the soul. I will always do my best to create works which do that too.

I hope my pieces make you feel calmer, simpler and more empowered. I hope they spill the Light of Awe into your life and radiate the glorious feeling that brings.

I hope they remind you that you are loved.

I hope they uplift and help you SEE... different.

Most of all, I hope they sweep you up into your own brilliant adventure – where life is Light, Joyful and True.
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