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The Vision:



is full of reasons to close your mind, shut your eyes, tell your heart to shush, be smaller, feel less.

I'm on a Divine mission to create at least one magnificent reason to feel better, breathe more deeply; to see + experience the natural


that is all around us.
One that will make you want leap to your feet with a resounding "HAIL YES!"

To that end...

I make

Photographic Art

that enlivens the senses, uplifts the spirit and bring the transformational power of AWE + Nature indoors.
They are known to inspire, transport and deepen one's sense of well-being.
(I collaborate with partners who feel the same way.)

I create

Whimsical Reveries Digital Art

that represents my own metaphoric journey; full of intense emotion and off-beat humor.
They're all about being defined by a sense of Wonder, Delight + Whimsy.

It's an unusual mix. That's why I refer to this lot as my

Compendium of the Curiously Curated

I like unusual notions with interesting names.

My mission? Spread Light. Uplift hearts. And create art that is like

oxygen for your walls....


sunlight for your soul.

Maybe a bit of both.

When I do manage to make something to inspire + motivate + remind you that life is pure light - and that no one on earth can be who you are, in exactly the way you are?

It is Divine. And... mission accomplished.

Welcome to my world! I'm thrilled you're here.

Like Oxygen For Your Walls

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