DESERTS - Karen Hutton Photography
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Zabriskie Dawn

Zabriskie Point, Death Valley, CA

We were up painfully early to make it to Zabriskie Point before the sun came up. Sunrise goes by super fast here. You have to be ready to go before the window of opportunity opens, because you have maybe 10-15 minutes to get your shot. After that, the colors all wash out and the scenery is just blah.

We'd had a touch of rain - which is fantastical in Death Valley. As you might guess from the image, this place doesn't get much precipitation. If you're lucky enough to be there with clouds in the air on top of it, you do what you must to capture the moment!

When all the elements come together as they did that day, it's simply breathtaking. This is a much-photographed spot, so I was happy that the heavens aligned to give me my own unique perspective. It felt like a gift from God.

In moments like this, I feel the Divine in every caress of light and wash of color and I'm so grateful to be doing what I do.

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