LAKE TAHOE - Karen Hutton Photography
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Bonsai in the LIght

Bonsai Rock, Lake Tahoe, Nevada.

Bonsai Rock is a natural formation that has little fir trees growing out of it. Hence, the Bonsai aspect.

Most any photographer who comes to this area flocks to it. If you Google "Bonsai Rock, Lake Tahoe"... you'll see pretty much the same shot from everyone. I've certainly made my standard image of the place, but wanted to explore another view. One that was clearly the Bonsai (meaning, showed the tree), but that made a viewer stop and think about what they were seeing.

So one day, I half-walked, half-slid down the steep hill further down, then picked my way carefully through the granite boulders back along the shore.

I explored this angle through my lens a number of different ways, but liked the way this composition suggested, rather than told the whole story. I think of it more as of an intimate landscape... the light gently caressing the tiny tree and granite surface, the playful textures in the water, the large mountain looming in the background... and those colors. Yum!

It tells the story of this rock, without revealing everything. It leaves something to the viewer's imagination... which is something I love.

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