LAKE TAHOE - Karen Hutton Photography
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Lake Tahoe, Nevada

Snow! I was so excited to see the white stuff after 5 years of drought in California that I was out to the lake with my cameras at first snowfall.

I specifically wanted photos of the granite boulders capped with snow, showing the contrasting colors and tones. I started photographing earlier in the day, then got lost in time and stayed much longer than I intended to. The sunset was a bonus I didn't actually plan on seeing!

Normally, this entire area is underwater; further evidence of the toll the drought has taken. Photographically speaking, these conditions offer a unique opportunity to create new compositions of a hugely-photographed area that are normally not possible.

Who knows if the weather will change again, leaving all of this submerged for a very long time? No one. But no matter what, I'll have a wonderful collection of what the landscape below the water actually looks like.

Plus enough snow-capped boulders to put a smile on my face right here and now!

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